Worry – A Thief that Causes Paralysis of Faith

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“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” – Matthew 6:25 NIV

Worry is a choice that displeases God. When you worry, you reveal that you don’t really trust God to provide all that you need. – June Hunt

Depending on context, words translated as “cares” and “concerns” or “fear” and “anxiety” can be either right or wrong attitudes in a Christian’s life. Fear is right when it is reverence toward God because of his holiness (Isa 8:13), and care is good when showing concern for others (1Co 12:25; 2Co 11:28). But worry is always wrong, for it paralyzes active faith in your life. When you worry, you assume responsibility for things you were never intended to handle. Jesus repeatedly taught, “Do not worry” (Gk. merimneo, lit. “to divide the mind”), even about the basic essentials of life (Mt 6:25–34). Worry divides your mind between useful and hurtful thinking. Worrying does not change anything (Mt 6:27) except to draw your focus away from God and his faithfulness and righteousness to concerns about the things of life, such as possessions and material goods (Mt 6:31). Worry is a choking, harmful emotion that saps your energy and elevates human strength and ingenuity above God’s strength and his purposeful plan. Sources of worry include change, lack of understanding and lack of control over your life. Worry opens the door to worldliness, that is, preoccupation with the things of this life. Though the children of Israel had watched God split open the Red Sea to deliver them from Egypt, they could not believe he would provide water in the desert to meet their needs. Worry is the opposite of faith, suggesting that God cannot be trusted to take care of you or to provide what you need (Php 4:19). Worry causes fear to crowd out faith. Thus, in the final reckoning, “the cowardly” are listed alongside the “unbelieving” (Rev 21:8). Linking worry with unbelief, Scripture gives direction for a return to full faith. The road from worry to faith begins with recognition that worry is sin and confession of lack of faith (Ps 139:23), continues with deliverance (Ps 34:4), and finally ends with the assurance that absolutely nothing can separate you from the love of God who is the great I am (Ro 8:35; Ex 3:14–15). In place of anxious thoughts, you then freely offer thanksgiving from a heart established with trust in God as all sufficient (Ps 112:7–8; Php 4:6–7).

What worry or fear are you surrendering to the Lord today?






  • To most reading this message, I believe you will only increase the worry factor… 97% of this message focuses on how wrong it is to worry. After reading this, now I worry that I might worry too much.
    And how can anyone ever begin to say that worrying displeases God? Wasn’t Jesus’s message sharing what God loves and not what He dislikes? What more perfect way to push people away from their faith than to point out what they are doing wrong…
    We worry because we are human. It is in our makeup that God created us with.
    Maybe 97% of this message should focus on the good and great things obtained when you express your worries to God. When you ask for His help. When you share your worry open and honestly.
    Let’s focus on what pleases God and all the good the comes from that…

    • Natalie says:

      I think this is a great article, and a good exhortation; because the truth is that it is impossible to please God without faith (Hebrews 11:6). Yes God is always good and loving, which includes discipline and correction. We do well to remember the words of our Saviour Jesus Christ and more importantly to do them. The Lord knows that we fallible humans have a (sinful) nature to worry which is exactly why He tells us not to, and gives us the reason why we don’t need to worry. I personally am going through a time of mistrust and worry and this article has helped me to refocus on what the truth is.

      Thank you for the encouragement. For the love of Christ abide in Him.

      • Bible Connection News Support says:

        Terry, We are sorry that you felt this message focused too much on the negative side of worry, that was not our intent. Our intent was to show people that when they worry they are taking responsibility for things that Lord didn’t intend for them to carry, and that there is freedom in surrendering control of those things to the Lord and trusting him. We are very sorry if this article caused you to feel condemnation, as that was not our intent.

  • James Orhin Agyin says:

    Powerful article! It really confirms what the Holy Spirit taught me the other day;

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