What Is In Your Hand?

The Lord said to [Moses], “What is that in your hand?”
—Exodus 4:2

Sometimes I feel as Moses did when God told him to go rescue the Israelites from the Egyptians. God gives me a task to do, but I feel inadequate and think, What? I can’t do that!
Just as he did with Moses, God says,
“What is that in your hand?”
Moses replied, “A staff.”
God said, “Throw it on the ground.”
Moses threw the staff on the ground, and it became a snake.

When I argue with God about my inabilities, he reminds me of the abilities he has given me. When he says, “Throw it on the ground,” I think he means, “Here, give it back to me, and let me show you what I can do with it.” Suddenly what I considered an inability takes on new life and becomes a marvelous ability.

What task is God calling you to do for which you feel inadequate? Perhaps God is saying, “What is in your hand?” In other words, “What gift have I given you that you can return to me for my glory?”

The truth is, God will not call you to do anything for which he has not equipped you. You can accept his challenge, explore the possibilities and follow his lead. Where you end up may surprise and delight you, if you’ll only give him what is in your hand. 
— Mary Hollingsworth

Do you believe God is calling you to something today?

Excerpted from the Fulfilled Bible




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  • Christina says:

    Actually, I have been studying the Bible for ages.

    I came across this verse, always when I had my bible reading & study.

    But, ” what is in my hand?”… I really can’t think of anything, but only The Word, itself.

    I am wondering, what can I do with it?

    Since my church do not believe & trust in Bible reading & study. Which I see, is very important. Without the reading & studying of the Bible, we will never know what is to come & what is one’s promise.

    Most importantly, the leaders in this church, don’t believe & trust what I told them… Yet, when the preacher on stage said that, in another way, they accept what is being spoken.

    My previous church was a Word base congregation. Everyone has to read & study the whole bible, year after year; in one’s free time. There is no excuse to it. And, in the cell group pastor check on it.

    What I also don’t understand is, why does God put me in a church that don’t do bible reading & study? Yet, only “spoon feed” by the preacher with the Word? The church is charismatic, only believe in the Spirit of God.

    Yet, not the Word of God.

    For they said, “Can do anything by the Holy Spirit, only by praying.” And, the church only started to pray, two – three years ago.

    I really don’t understand.

    Please give me a reply to the problem which I have been seeing in the church.

    I see this is a very serious issue.

    Thank you & God Bless,

    Yours In Christ,

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