Living a Balanced Life

This 7-day devotional offers reminders of what is most important from God’s perspective – and encouragement for living a healthy, productive and content life. Drawn from The NKJV Woman’s Study Bible, the devotions contain numerous additional references for even deeper study. Topics include: the gift of time, refueling for renewed service, making a positive choice, a time for rest and worship, laughter and more.

Day 1: Using God’s Gift of Time

Day 2: Peace That Passes Understanding

Day 3: A Time for Rest and Worship

Day 4: Refueling for Renewed Service

Day 5: A Positive Choice

Day 6: A time to Laugh

Day 7: A Time to Rest and Play

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  • Arnel Abrera says:

    Many people think that once one BECOMES A CHRISTIAN that life becomes easy….

    Not true. Often, the DEVIL works double time to SHAKE our faith.

    Think about it, who does the DEVIL focus on? The person who is LOST and could not care about JESUS or…

    the one has accepted Jesus as his/her Lord and Savior?

    But… the DEVIL works in mysterious (and clever ways)

    He doesn’t just hit you with a disease, job loss, drama with your friends and family…

    Often he uses a very SNEAKY TRICK… he turns your FAITH into a ritual, obligation, custom…

    Christianity is not something you BECOME… but something you DO

    We ALL have to overcome this testing… otherwise, the LIE of RELIGION becomes too strong. 

    It isn’t RELIGION that saves… it is JESUS!  But the testing can be tough if we aren’t aware.

    This Christian article spells out the SIGNS of such TESTING and HOW to overcome:

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