Live a Life that Reflects God

Reflection in a puddle

At that day you will know that am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. John 14:20 NKJV


You reflect the relationships that shaped you.

Sometimes past relationships get reflected in your present life intentionally. Perhaps you loved your grandmother’s warm generosity and you seek to be like her in that way. But sometimes an old relationship’s  influence seems to come out of nowhere: you were shocked the first time the words, “Because I said so!” came out of your mouth and you realized you sounded just like your dad.

Through the whole of Scripture, we see the Father, Son, and spirit work together to reveal God’s will for us and bring about our salvation. As you seek to express the image of God, let your relationships reflect the Trinity.

The Father is the Son (John 14:20). Because the Father and Son are of one mind and one heart, we see them acting together. As individually we become united with Christ, we become like-minded with other Christ-honoring people, striving for a common goal of glorifying God in things as simple as preparing a meal together.

Love equals obedience (v. 21). Christ was fully obedient to God on earth, proving His love for His Father. Cheerfully obey godly people in authority including your own parents, supervisors, and directors of your child’s preschool.

The Father and Son speak the same words (v. 24). You can’t separate the words of Jesus from the words of the Father; likewise, say to people only words Jesus would say. Choose words that promote working together, that attack the problem and not each other, that put people at ease, and that remove all ego or selfishness. Refuse any hints of gossip, slander, or cruelty.

Jesus promised the Father would send the Spirit (v. 26). Jesus came to save; the Spirit came to teach and remind. Just as God has given Himself to us, we should use the gifts God has given us to serve each other. Serve in ways that thoughtfully meet the needs of others: do a spouse’s chore, or drop off a meal without insisting you come in and hold the new baby. Let the Spirit work in and through you to minister God’s presence to those around you.

How are you letting your relationship with God shape your relationships with others?




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