Bible Journaling: How to start, stay consistent (and enjoy it!)

Journal the Word Bible for Women Open

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. Romans 12:6a NIV

Bible journaling has become a popular term in recent years. It’s a wonderful way to engage with Scripture while capturing your thoughts, prayers, and reflections. But have you ever sat down to journal and found yourself stuck? Whether you weren’t sure where to start, found it difficult to express your thoughts, or anything in between, you’re not alone.

Now before you start thinking you need a drum up more willpower, let me tell you a little secret. One of the best ways to make journaling part of your daily rhythm is to use Scripture-based prompts. As a matter of fact, the NIV Journal the Word Bible for Women has over 500 journaling prompts written specifically for women. After you read the Scripture, the prompts help focus your thoughts so you can respond purposefully to how God is at work in your life.

All you need to start is a writing utensil and a copy of the NIV Journal the Word Bible for Women. You can write your responses in the space provided within the margins of the Bible while working your way through Scripture. It’s up to you whether you want to start in the Old Testament, New Testament or anywhere in between. If you’d like to focus on a particular topic, there is a subject index in the back of the Bible filled with ideas. You might also find it helpful to write the date next to each journal entry to be able to look back upon as the years go by.

To stay consistent, consider setting a date and time on the calendar when you will be able to sit down and spend time reading and journaling. The more you make it part of your daily rhythm, the easier it will become. You may also be surprised by how eager you are to dive into your Bible reading time knowing you’ll have prompts to help guide your responses. For example, after reading Isaiah 33:1-6, the prompt reads,

“In verse 2, Isaiah prays, “LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.” What graciousness has God blessed you with? In what ways do you long for him? When you read verse 6, be assured of his presence in your life. What is your prayer to him today?”

Another example from Luke 12:22-34 reads,

“Jesus told his disciples not to be worriers. What examples from nature did he say to “consider” as evidence that worry is not worth your time and energy? What reasons did Jesus give for you not to worry? Write down here everything you are worrying over, and ask God to help you to trust him in all things.”

As you can see, not only do the prompts guide you through Scripture, but they are written to encourage and strengthen your faith as you grow in relationship with the Lord. Enjoy Bible journaling with the comfort of Scripture-based prompts carefully crafted for women just like you!





  • Frank says:

    And what about the poor man? Don’t we need support as welll or is it contrary to biblical principles that men do need help in this area. To admit it is seen as a sign of weakness or inadequacy as a Christian father ?

  • Ade says:

    I was so excited reading this up to the point I realised it’s for women. I agree with Frank. We men too need help in this regard.

  • DM says:

    Hey guys, check on AMAZON they have journal the word bibles that are not women specific. Maybe one of them will work for you – I’m sure there’s got to be something out there for you. 🙂

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